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#431 (Finale): No Mountain Too Tall, and Good Luck to TBTL

Mike, Christy, Bobby, Meredith, Ann and Hillary have their right arms over the passenger seat of the Little Red Bandwagon, and are ready to back it into your feed* one last time. Join us for a heartfelt look at TBTL, the show and community that brought us together as podcasters and friends, and at this naturally curious turning point in our own show, including a mailbag overflowing with much-appreciated support for our plan.

#430 (Recap): I’m Trying to Be Young, but I’m So Tired!

It’s October, so naturally we’re giving you a Coven (™) episode! The ladies of LRB are going through some stuff, though - Ann has major Diet Coke anxiety, Meredith might need to stop going on vacation (at least in Ohio), and Hillary is (of course) grappling with her age.  In TBTL land, this week is our last full recap. And The Coven (™) actually enjoyed a lot of it! The live shows were a great time and showed off Luke and Andrew’s fun/funny personalities (with a fantastic Nick and Hodgman appearance). The other episodes, filled with tons of Skyjinks Woo (aka man-babies whining about mild discomfort), had us pretty enraged. Ahh the yin and yang of TBTL! Regardless, we are all very excited about what we have brewing for our next iteration. Thank you for the sweet notes, voice memos, and faxes. We love you all!

#429 (Recap): Lost in the Sauce

It’s getting chilly as we move into fall (unless you live in Texas, I guess), so we’ve built a cotton candy bonfire to warm our hands and hearts while we continue our last few weeks of focusing on TBTL. Your LRB hosts, however, are more interested in dog plans, 20-year-old memories, and the disappointment of Coyote Ugly, among other things. There’s more football talk than usual, given that two of our hosts’ teams are pitted (totally pitted) against one another, and Pinto Ron/Kenny is wasting good condiments left and right. Ann experienced a bizarre non-adventure. Bobby has a problem with certain businessez. Mike is suffering from senioritis. Hillary makes a promise she can’t keep. Plus, the Qatar of celebrities, a level-10 dad joke, never disrespect a book, and the difference between trash talk and trash talk.

#428: The Final Final Friday of our Planned Cromulesence

Welcome to the final “Final Friday” edition of LRB! Bobby is unapologetically Simpsons-splainin’, Mike is celebrating Ravelry Week, Ann is  letting her inner bitch become her outer bitch, Christy is riding a rolley coaster of office dog emotion, and Hillary is making a compelling case for why everyone (or at least her neighbors) should have one of those Ring doorbells. Also, more listener love about the upcoming show transition, why no one loves bedtime, and there’s  no love lost for Jeff Bezos and his “terms of service” that we maybe (probably) “violated.” Expect a strongly worded email from any day now, Jeff. In the words of our forefathers, “Here’s a flashlight, a racing form and a Penthouse Forum. Come back when the street lights are on.”

#427 (Recap): No, We’re Not Sorry! We Have the Conference Room until 11!

In the waning days of LRB, Hillary, Ann, Bobby, and Mike are here to discuss all of the past week’s events in the LRB and TBTL worlds. Firstly, the Wagoneers have given us some LOVELY feedback on our transition to a non-TBTL podcast. Thank you so much for the support! We’re extremely excited to bring you something new! But also, please give us some name suggestions (preferably with an affordable URL).  In the business, Hillary reviews a book and movie, Ann and Hillary are both jerks (that’s a family-friendly word for it), Mike made it through his Emily-less time relatively unscathed, and we got some voice memos!!! Thrilling and keep them coming! We did eventually dive into some TBTL topics, including The Far Side (will it still be funny?), phone calls (they’re scary!), James Cameron/Avatar (who wants it?), Aaron Sorkin (good/complicated writer!), and oral health (please floss!).  Finally, here are a few of the MANY unused show titles to pique your interest: “Guess What’s Swollen at Mike’s House” “Who’s the Dude and Who’s the Doofus?” “Where in the World is...Mike Frizzell..On the Run!” “Departed 2” “Good Will Hunting 3D!" “It’s Staffed by Ghouls” “Don’t Touch Me in the Randall’s” “A Poor Carpenter Blames his Spreadsheet” “A Double Team of Odor” “Nailedish!”

#426 (Clip Show): “It’s not my kind of show, but it’s better than sports.”

Ann and Christy are laughing their way through this final LRB clip show by looking back at some times that people other than us offered up critical feedback for TBTL. But first, we acknowledge that our own responses to judgement from others aren’t always a model of emotional health. We protest the injustice of getting slapped for not following rules we didn’t know existed, or criticized for things we can’t control. We discuss a couple of cases in point, including how Christy’s co-worker accidentally fed her case of impostor syndrome, while Ann once almost had the K-9 unit set on her. Then we dive into clips containing letter-writing grandmas, comparisons of TBTL to athlete’s foot, the creation of a couple of longtime show catchphrases, and a promise from Luke that he will never again make a factual error on the show (hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha). Plus, a Wingdings conspiracy, which cursive capital letters are bs, and the beauty of math. No reply necessary.

425 (Recap): There’s Gross Men Everywhere

Welcome to your slightly hungover, somewhat lonely, and extremely pet-centric episode of LRB! Ann, Hillary, Meredith, and Mike are here to talk you through all of that business/nonsense. We finally get around to recapping a bit of TBTL, including the prevalence of exceedingly specific t-shirts that we all still find hilarious all these years later. We also refuse to quit naming nuts and vow to never ever talk over Marvin Gaye singing!! Most importantly (and sorry to bury the lede), there is some VERY SIGNIFICANT LRB NEWS in the business. Listen and let us know what you think!

#424 (recap): Nighttime nibbles and good lotion gone bad

It’s LRB’s official Hampton Inn Lobby Rotary Pre-Funk, complete with DIY waffles and soggy ottomans. Bobby shares pictures of hotel elevators, Mike Has Ideas to accommodate traveling snackers, Ann recalls the time she went Hollywood, and Meredith answers the age-old question, “why the face?” We also discuss TBTL.

#423 (Recap): More of an El Ropo than a Criss Angel

We’re pretty sure we won’t get memberships in Illusionists Local 4309 after this show, but it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make. Christy, Mike, and Ann take the opportunity provided by a content-lite week of TBTL to go heavy on our own stories. We’ve got a Boogie Nights anecdote, some medical mishaps (both past and present), and the worst hold music experience ever. TBTL-related topics include but aren’t limited to: what makes the best kindling for a prison riot, Prince’s potential home court advantage, the skin-crawling awfulness of live Q&As, and we seem to keep circling back to breakfast carbs. Plus, a long, detailed conversation regarding the many attractions at the MN State Fair. Sorry, but it had to be done.

#422 (Final Friday): “Midwest is a state of mind, baby”

Two shows in one! Sort of. First, Bobby, Christy, Ann and Mike are nearly derailed from any substantial talk of TBTL by a corn fest, a pile of dirt, and a familial connection to a(n) (in)famous (minor) celebrity bowler. Thankfully, the LRB Mailbag gets us back on track, and even inspires some spirited (albeit brief) roleplaying. After the music, stay tuned for special bonus content: Audio from the LRB picnic! What this tape lacks in stable audio levels or group sobriety it more than makes up for in Oreos, Blake Lively and group quiz fun. Enjoy!

#421 (Recap): A Coven + Episode

A full Coven (plus) has convened for this LRB episode! Hillary and Christy reveal that they are teens at heart. Ann reveals that she is a MN State Fair expert (LRB event next year?), and Meredith reveals she used to have a pet snake! Other topics discussed include but surely are not limited to, emojis, Train Lyrics, Hamilton (of course), spiders in your wall, 90210, Ann as a drug mule, and much, much, much more On the TBTL front, we’re concerned about the guys’ choice of live show venues. How many people fit in a Waffle House?? Is Andrew’s trash going to be out of control while he’s out of town? Are the guys trying to be sooooo random? Speaking of teens, we think Luke should put down the phone and try to catch the snake. The real world is in 3D after all!  Bottom line for this week - for the love of God, Luke needs to STOP using the term “raw dog.” Ew. 

#420 (recap): The magic of swing!

It’s been a busy weekend indeed at LRB. Bobby hosted a party (and met listener Bet!) despite battling a chest cold. Hillary prepared (mentally) for back-to-school time despite it only being August. Meredith made new friends despite being at the High Times Festival. And Mike used the movie Reality Bites to make a serious point about an often-overlooked TV and film heft continuity issue despite the acting of Winona Ryder. We also talk about last week’s TBTLs. Keep Bellingham Subdued™

#419 (Clip Show): Ode On a Cat-roll

There comes a time in a young man’s life when he feels that the entire world is persecuting him. And sometimes that’s accurate, especially when you’re talking about Andrew Walsh and the phenomenon of the cat-roll. From his (supposed) pal Luke, to a dedicated consort of Tens, to legitimate media stars, it seemed for a while that everyone was pranking ol’ Andy with a simple snippet of audio. AND WE LOVED IT. And so, for your listening pleasure, here is the complete aural history of The Cat-rolling of Andrew Walsh.

#418 (Recap) The Canned Wine in Our Minds

It’s another week here at collective LRB studios, and Hillary, Ann, Bobby, and Mike are running down the latest navel-gazing adventures of TBTL. Lots of questions were asked this week. Is Trump going to win in 2020 (don’t jinx it, Luke!)? Is Luke a hypocrite about his vegetarianism (probably, yes)? Is Andrew wasting his summer (who knows)? Was the octopus lady an irredeemable dummy (according to Mike and the guys, absolutely yes)? As for your lovely hosts, we have a few questions as well. Is Hillary more of a Betty or a Joan (Joan for sure)? Is Adventure Bay the worst run town in all of Canada (uh, yeah)? Should Bobby and Ann go to the Minnesota State Fair together and report back (HELL YES)? Did we go off the rails at the end (maybe!)? Also forward promo for an upcoming show - Mike will tell his hold music-induced panic attack. Stay tuned!

#417 (Recap): A Mountain of Crab Legs and a Lake of Butter

What a fun time we had in Seattle! Your LRB hosts are (mostly) back home and ready for a post-picnic weekend debrief. We have lots to discuss, including how Hillary is sober on the show for the first time in … a while, what caused Meredith to discover her mom voice, how Ann saved all of LRB from food poisoning, and what we thought of the tricks Mike showed us with a washcloth/towel and a sample size container of L’Occitane lotion. It was less weird than it sounds, honestly. During the TBTL portion of the show, we can’t believe we’re STILL talking about video interpolation, wonder why it matters whose party it is, dubiously discuss the attractiveness of politicians, and sing the praises of Lauren Ober’s appearance on the show. We agree that if you want to be a vegetarian It’s Fine (TM), while disagreeing about a certain Christian worship song. I mean, WE GET IT ALREADY.

#416: The LRB 2019 Post-Picnic Recap, Live!

The picnic is over and the votes are in! Ann, Bobby, Christy, Hillary, Meredith and special guest Gus reveal the winners from the Oreo Challenge at the 2019 LRB Picnic while discussing the merits of the unholy suicide/graveyard bowl of cookie leftovers fueling our lakeside afterparty. In the TBTL Week in Review, Luke once again confesses to being a wasteful wiper, and a bicyclist causes Andrew to lose his s***. As Colonel Whatever says, “It’s a trap!” Plus, who are each of your favorite LRB hosts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Stay tuned to future episodes to find out, because we were far too distracted to figure it out this weekend.

#415 (Final Friday): Happy Picnic Day!

Join The Coven™ and Bobby for a quick Final Friday roundup featuring peak podcasting, Reality TV hypocrisy, decoy ducks, more butt faxes, and more. Plus, airport wheelchair groupies, backwoods hotel wifi, puppies as presidents, microwave chicken with  PEEPS® (a game, not a recipe*), a live review of Surly Brewing Co.’s Dots and Loops, and of course, a young future star Hilliary doing her best Madonna/Roger Rabbit despite a complete lack of voguing support from her cousins. Reminder: It’s LRB Picnic Day! See you in Shoreline; and see our Facebook page for details!     *yet

#414 (recap): Shotgun schadenfreude

This week, Hillary is back from Europe, Bobby is back from Missouri, Mike is back from cursing Ann, and Ann is back on the Conan Train. For the stick, we recap the latest week of TBTL. And for the marrot, we learn about Ann and Mike’s meat bridge, Bobby’s chilling midwest encounter, and Hillary’s even colder bathroom studio. We dare you to send her a bill, Hillary’s parents. COME TO THE PICNIC! Friday, July 26, 5pm, Shoreline WA. Don’t miss it!

#413 (Recap): ACME Prime Day(s)

It’s the end of the TBTL 2019 Summer Games, and your LRB recappers have laced up our Air Jordan McNasty 25s for the final match. We reflect on the second week of (improved) quizzes, the problems with ska, why you really should consider those tattoos in advance, and why Andrew shouldn’t be embarrassed about that feature piece he did for Tamara Keith. Mike is stocking up on anvils and TNT. Meredith reviews Stranger Things Season 3. Ann reminisces fondly about the OK Soda hotline (1-800-I-FEEL-OK). And in pet news, the cats of LRB are preparing for Thunderdome. Come to our picnic and watch us make your children cry.

#412 (Clip Show): Paleo-Curious and Other Diets

In our media-obsessed culture, the emphasis on having a trim figure is constant and overwhelming. Almost all of us have been frustrated, at some point, by not being able to achieve the perfect (or, let’s face it, just slightly improved) body, but nobody remains more stubbornly committed to winnowing away those extra pounds than Luke “LB” Burbank. Christy and Ann are ready to do a run-down of many (but certainly not all!) of the fad diets, kooky nutrition ideas, and far-out strategies he’s employed over the years in an effort to build his beef castle. From extreme calorie restriction, to cheeseburgers and booze-ahol, to part-time veganism, he’s willing to try just about anything, although his enthusiasm usually outpaces his preparation. Along the way, we remind ourselves that it’s a “cheat meal,” not a “cheat day,” get annoyed by Bridget Jones’s Diary, and wonder exactly what Luke was doing with those pickles. If you’re interested in reading about the truth of dieting, why it doesn’t actually work, and what you can realistically do to be happy with your body, here’s the book Ann mentioned: Secrets from the Eating Lab, by Traci Mann, PH.D.

#411 (recap): It’s all fun and games until someone explains the joke

TBTL may have half-assed Summer Games Week (as well as the pronunciation of chorizo and allium), but Ann, Mike and Bobby are most definitely full-assing this week’s LRB. Bobby just got back from Blue Jays Loonie Dog Night in Toronto, and the Great White North isn’t looking so great these days. Ann is standing ready to rescue her dearest Justin, though he now has competition for her affection from a handsome young new Scottish fellow. And Mike is suffering from a bout of sociopolitical indigestion after the President’s “perp rally,” though a gelatin-suspended seafood sample didn’t help. Plus, a blissfully short breakdown of TBTL’s quizzes, an apropos reminder that  the worst wounds are the emotional ones (with examples!), and an audio postcard from middle-aged transcontinental mom-iish type Hillary, recorded after a harrowing Hungarian pedicab ride. Remember: Come to our picnic on July 26th! Bring anything you like as long as it isn’t aspic. And, go listen to Spectacular Failures, edited by our own P-Fletch!

#410 (Recap): The Perils of Owning an Iguana With PTSD

It’s time for another TBTL recap or, as we’re calling it, an hour and a half of enjoyable nonsense. The Bonsai Team of Hillary, Mike and Ann has gathered to recap topics that include whether we could handle being trapped on an airplane, age-related bird fascination, Ashton Kutcher’s speech choices, and the existential crisis that is our collective financial future. Hillary made an embarrassing choice in library books. Mike confesses to a TBTL-listening transgression. Ann takes issue with the idea that she might do anything half-assed. Hey, if you want to get in on Hillary’s forthcoming Book Club of Questionable Choices, consider using our Amazon link to purchase After by Anna Todd.

#409 (Final Friday): “I Want to Win a Bagel!”

t’s the end of the month, and Bobby, Ann, Hillary, Mike and Christy have a lot of ground to cover before the Jamaican-Norwegian housekeeper comes knocking. Inspired by recent conversations on TBTL, we share some of our worst job interviews, as well as voicemails from two of our favorite listeners, and learn that the best thing to do it to lie, especially if we were recently at a Snoop Dogg concert. And, we discuss albums we love (or that we hate that we love), including some from a nearby dumpster. Plus, Christy regales us with the second-hand epic that was Jeremy’s freewheeling adventure through middle America in a hot-wired old Honda Accord. As far as feral humans go, he’s really doing quite alright. Plus, Christy tells of her time as Joey Fatone’s #1 (of 1) fan, Mike laments his long-lost sizzle zoetrope, Hillary regrets not stashing her backseat boombox, Ann prefers her in-Transit entertainment unaccompanied, and Bobby wants us to livestream Jeremy watching 8 Mile. Detroit strong! p.s. COME TO OUR PICNIC:

#408 (recap): You’re a Dirtbag, No Judgment

In the wise words of Stefon, this LRB has everything: alcoholic Oreos, garlic tips, crappy cars that blow only heat, Stephen Tobolowsky, ironic cybersecurity training, Mary McDonnell, and, of course, Deeznutz. Join the Coven (™) for all that and much more, including Ann’s potential move to Pasadena, Hillary’s fear of seeing Toy Story 4 (spoiler alert - she cried), and the President basically ruining Meredith’s grandfather’s funeral (as usual). Finally, Beverly Hills is the worst and Sneakers is the best. Also, as mentioned, here is a fun article on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Sneakers!

#407 (recap): We Are the Gross Ones

Holy frijoles! Bobby, Mike, Hillary and Christy are on the line to recap the latest week that was, and sweating out of every orifice. (Sorry, just trying to live up to the title.) Join us for talk about Christy’s fake sleeping bus face, Hillary’s *terrible* joke, Mike’s war on centipedes, and Bobby’s creeping on a nearby listener. Oh, and some stuff from last week’s TBTL. After the show, stay tuned for a special audio postcard from Jeremy recorded in a newly acquired 1991 Honda Accord with no license plates in a Walmart parking lot in the middle of nowhere. This episode is brought to you by Crown Books Syndicate. You like books? We’ve got books. We can get you the books. And by Xtreme Discount Mattress, where we skip the shirt, and pass the savings on to you.

#406 (Clip Show): “Just throw the script out and go crazy!”

We’ve all been there – feeling nervous and slightly sweaty as we attempt to impress a stranger so they will eventually pay us money. JOB INTERVIEWS. I’m talking about job interviews, you pervs! The TBTL fellas have a rich history of awkward or embarrassing experiences trying to (or trying not to) get a gig, and have no problems recounting the particulars. Christy and Ann are ready to dig into the details of Luke’s commercial auditions, which provide a motherlode of material, and puzzle over the shady business practices that forced Andrew to tank an interview in beautiful Boise. We also take the opportunity to share some of our own awkward interview experiences, including the time Christy was forced to take a photographic pop culture quiz, and how Ann’s accidental networking triumph spanned three decades, two countries, and two sets of gossipy parents. Feel free to call or text the LRB voicemail at (802) 432-TBTL to share your own interview nightmares (we don’t want to lose the number!).

#405 (Recap): The Kangaroo is TBTL

The TBTL-a-thon wrapped up in Australia (OR DID IT???) and your LRB hosts are making a quick getaway in our car (Foley included) so that we can use our outdoor voices without embarrassment. On deck for today’s discussion: television show longevity, driving in NYC, the popularity of Tim Allen, and our extraordinary contrariness. Hillary remembers the Alamo. Mike Has an Idea that might just work. Meredith is a victim of Oreo marketing. And Ann learned that triple scoops are for winners. Plus, science facts about ear-cleaning, the merits of meeting kangaroos in the wild, and we wonder how much you should tip your housekeeper in space. Here’s the GoFundMe for Sherri's Walk of Hope - Alice Springs to Darwin. Thanks again to Ross for passing it along.

#404 (Recap) Thanks Be to Qantas!

Good Day, Mates! Your LRB hosts have also traveled to Australia for this week’s TBTLathon. However, instead of the fly-infested lands of the Outback, Hillary, Ann, Meredith, and Mike have landed on the scenic, populated, and desirable towns of Melbourne, New Brighton (New South Wales), Wagga Wagga, and of course, Pirates Bay, respectively. What a strange coincidence! Though we are on the other side of the world, your hosts are still talking about some business back in the States including our recently established LRB core values (LEAD), Mike’s new pet, Theresa, and the grand opening of SH45SW. As with all things TBTL though, everything inevitably comes back to food and poop. Shrug. We’re all currently heading back to our normal studios, but bottom line for this week in Australia - LRB is firmly Team Robbie.

#403 (Final Friday): “Turkish Delight, anyone?”

It’s the end of the month, and Bobby, Mike, Meredith, Christy and Ann (along with our Google Drive spirit animals) are here to catch up on an array of LRB topics including a two-month backlog in the mailbag, an unexpectedly laissez-faire approach to the LRB picnic potluck, and a new AMA question that opens an old wound for a couple of our co-hosts. (Don’t worry, that’s not blood—it’s just marinara. Though that doesn’t make it OK.) Plus, Bobby has a dream mascot battle (on ice!), Meredith has allergy-induced shiners, Christy’s got sneaky meat, Mike has a cold take on popsicles, and Ann has a hot beef with Mike.   This whole Australia thing and the general state of the world today have made us a little sad this week. Good thing listener Ann reminded us that Ludacris freestyling Llama Llama Red Pajama is a thing that exists, and that we should watch it. And now, so should you.

#402 (Recap): T-Minus Two Hours to Jubilee

It’s a vest-heavy week for the “conventionally attractive” tech-bros at LRB HQ, but between business calls the gang is squeezing in a recap of the final week of TBTL (before Luke and Andrew inevitably bite the big one in Australia). Topics discussed include: the problem with shopping for t-shirts at the Roo-A-Rama, why The Rock is the Cookie Monster of opioids, field mice as python food, and whether it’s the vest or the man wearing it (Idris Elba, anyone?). Mike attended the Austin social event of the year, but he’s subsequently in hot water because Bobby inadvertently “activated a Kramer.” Meredith’s breakfast choice leads to a discussion of ‘morning cheese’. Ann shares why she can never get upset when tv programming is pre-empted for news. Plus, the exchange rate on jams Down Under, upcoming kitten parties, and we desperately try to make Mike stop talking about his lucid dreams.

#401 (recap-ish): If only we had a podcast bilge pump

Mike, Bobby, Hillary and Ann recapped the latest week of TBTL complete with fiery hot takes, snappy one-liners, and a terrible idea for a restaurant. But, the Gods of Xcel Energy decided it was too beautiful to live. So instead, enjoy this lightning recap redux with Ann and Bobby, followed by a special listen back to the LRB recap from one year ago this week (ep 324) featuring a younger, prettier, probably-salad-eating Bobby, Ann, Meredith and Hillary. Take this as a reminder that, as always, if we don’t remember our TBTL/LRB history, we are doomed to repeat it.

#400 (recap): How Much Could a Banana Cost?

The Coven® has reconvened for this week’s recap and we’re covering all of the TBTL “news.”  But first, it’s our 400th episode! Can you believe? Also, Hillary is beginning her favorite day of the year (no, it’s not her birthday), Meredith is, once again, dealing with illogical Money Pit problems (and also making tasty bread), and Ann has a student-led BO problem. Blessedly, there was limited garbage talk, but the guys did tackle some well-worn subjects such as dog/leash issues/karma, inexplicable cheese eating, odd Australian animals, and Andrew’s walk on the wild side (Tony is a bad influence!). Join us as we dive into those topics plus, and we’re warning you, LOTS of Hamilton. How lucky we are to be alive right now!

#399 (Clip Show): Have Passport, Will Travel

A TBTL international road trip is on the horizon, and when you leave the country there are a few things you should be sure to have -- your travel treadmill, your laser baldness helmet, and oh, I don’t know, maybe your passport? While I think we can agree that all of these things are equally important, our pal Luke has had some trouble keeping track of one of them, so Ann and Christy thought the time was right to revisit some of the times his carelessness got him into travel trouble. From sweet-talking the passport office lady on his wedding day -- dressed in his tuxedo! -- to melting down at the rental car counter in front of national hero Yvonne, Luke’s had his share of self-induced passport emergencies. Plus, Jen’s always prepared to flee at a moment’s notice, and Andrew’s the friend you want when the chips are down (and they won’t let you on the cruise).

#398 (recap): “Do you like drum circles?”

Pull up a cushion and feel the rhythm, because Meredith, Ann and Bobby are here to party, and there’s room for one more in this sunken living room of the mind. In addition to a recap of the high notes (and low notes) of last week’s episodes of TBTL, Bobby gives an awkward HR update, Ann gets a cookware anti-intervention, and Meredith shares what it’s like banging with strangers seemingly forever. And speaking of things that take seemingly forever: Instead of breaking down TBTL Garbage Time, we suggest you check out the new podcast Minor Adventures with Topher Grace, or even just these Rhode Island recycling videos. Or, just close your eyes, and imagine a certain jogger being chased by some serious off-leash irony. If that doesn’t make your week, you can always try a $65 bottle of Eau de Westin.

#397 (Recap): “Turkey talk is never over.”

It’s time for another meeting of the LRB coven as Hillary, Meredith, and Ann gather ‘round the cauldron to work our witchy magic. We dial up the feminism this week with discussions about equality in armed service requirements, the problem with the concept of body positivity, and how a touch of toxic masculinity can invade even the most enlightened guys. Additionally, we’ll dig into how urban wild turkeys are no joke, how Luke’s late-night tipping decision was disappointing, and why Terry Gross isn’t the boss of us. In host news, Hillary is kitten-curious, Meredith might be on a Japanese public television show, and Ann is workshopping new LRB taglines. Plus, grumpy-yet-kindhearted Mr. Walsh, our ideas to improve the sport of bowling, and why “the best minds in comedy writing are not working in local news” may be the truest words ever spoken on a podcast.

#396 (Final Friday): Ask Phyllis Anything!

Phyllis “Situational Them” Fletcher is legally allowed to be on LRB again, and Bobby, Mike, Meredith and Ann take full advantage by hosting a Fletch-themed AMA instead of producing any original content. Shame on all of you who didn’t submit questions, and less shame on those of you who did. Phyllis is a tidal wave of sound advice. Bobby’s cup runneth over with job opportunities. Mike is up against a deluge of spelling errors. Meredith is baking Victoria sponges in her money puddle. And Ann is walkin’ on sunshine despite the fact that—thanks to a troublesome toilet—her money puddle is a literal puddle. Be sure to submit more AMA questions here for Phyllis or any of the LRB crew.  We’ll answer them if we feel like it, or if it’s easier than generating new show ideas. At least it beats talking about TBTL.

#395 (Recap): “Personal Wild Animal Sanctuary” Never Ends Well

Hey gang, we’re ten minutes late for a hike, but Mike, Ann, and Hillary have managed to squeeze in a TBTL recap while simultaneously charging our phones and looking at the map. Mike’s perfecting his new Cardio Rage™ workout. Hillary’s upset that the Easter Bunny is getting unearned credit. Ann’s family cabin is the setting of the CW’s hottest new teen show. Plus, turtle fights, how to get the most out of the Game of Thrones dragons, the strange hunkiness of Tom Hanks, and the etiquette of nut-punching. Please enjoy the calls of the wild canterkoopies and kooperberrys that we’ve piped into the broadcast. Sorry about all the dong talk.

#394 (recap): Unrealistic pineapple beauty standards

Bobby, Meredith and Mike are running ragged, but rally to recap the (few) highlights from the latest week of TBTL. On the upside, Meredith’s money pit seems to finally be full (or at least dry),  Mike has an idea for a version of karaoke that plays to his strengths, and Bobby’s big season finale at work was almost as rousing as the church service happening next to his office during the recording. We probably should have talked more about Luke and Andrew, but we were too busy daydreaming about a pickle sandwich, and breaking down neck-knife statistics. Feel free to send us emails telling us why we’re right or wrong, and we’ll be sure to cherry-pick a few to share that make us feel good about ourselves. Nebula of the Day submissions are also welcome. Hillary, unfortunately, couldn’t get her setup working for today’s show. But based on what we did manage to hear, she should be receiving a new birthday laptop anytime now.

#393 (Best Of): Sliding Into a Standup Double (Again)

We were going to do a new show this week, but the 6 inches of April snow pretty much sent Ann over the edge. Instead, we’re pretending it’s a normal spring, where we don’t have to shovel out the stadium before the game. This episode originally aired on July 16th, 2016. Here’s the original write-up: Ah, summer. The kids are out of school, the pool is ready to go, and hot, hazy days are followed by warm, breezy evenings.  What could be better than a beer, a brat and a ballgame? Mike and Ann are ready to roll back the roof at Safeco Field and talk a little baseball. TBTL baseball, that is. We’ve compiled a collection of clips that involve going to the game, getting on the field, hanging out with Ten friends, and one unfortunate story that probably still has Andrew waking up in a cold sweat.  We promise you don’t need to be a sports fan to enjoy this one.

#392 (recap): There's No Time to Take off Your Rollerblades!

Hey nerds, geeks, dorks, and dweebs! Join Ann, Hillary, and Mike as we recap this week’s TBTL. We discuss the reveal of the 10th(?) TBTL-a-Thon (aka the worst kept secret), a trip to Oz! Will Luke and Andrew survive a journey through the outback? TBD! Also, your hosts air some personal grievances, including Hillary’s new work nemesis and Ann’s choir enemy. Additionally, Mike schools us on prison electronic usage, Hillary reveals a story about rollerblades that is both embarrassing and completely on brand, and Ann mourns the demise of a potential wedding venue. Take a listen and we promise not to do any April Fools’ Day quizzes, all right? Cool beans!!

#391 (recap): We were not “here for it” this week

Climb aboard your rental Penny-farthing and get ready to see the sites because Bobby, Ann and Mike are somehow back together again unsupervised, and this tour isn’t stopping until we find an Arby’s, an L’RB’s, or a Terence Trent D'Arby. We’ll be making stops to hear about Mike’s pro-cheese politics, what has Ann fired up (note: not fire’d up) about Blaze Pizza, and why Bobby is allowed to say whatever he wants about cultural appropriation. Also, non-expert bong talk, suit-and-shoe etiquette, “Adonis” Morissette, the fine line between feeding and “foie gras-ing,” and some talk of last week’s TBTL. Please don’t DM us on Twitter to be on your podcast.*   (*We’re really more active on Facebook, just message us there.)

#390 (Friday): The Return of #trypod

On this Final Friday show the gang has gathered around the ol’ microphone to hang out, talk turkey, and debate the correct amount of melatonin to give your kids (and mothers-in-law?) before bed. Up first, we peruse the contents of the mailbag, which spark discussions regarding the appeal of the Real Housewives franchises, airport crimes against humanity, the pitfalls of getting a variety pack of Seagrams, and the time Hillary got kicked out of a sorority formal. Then we revisit an old concept: #trypod. We’re in agreement that our podcatchers are significantly more crowded than we’d like, but, like all good addicts, we’re always ready for a hit of something new. We’ve chosen shows that inspire us, make us smarter, dial us into pop culture, and transport us to another world (not literally, because that would be terrifying). Here are the podcasts we showcase: Christy: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and Imagined Life Meredith: Lexicon Valley (When Ain't Was All Right) Bobby: Hit Parade (The Give Me a Sign Edition) Mike: The Rewatchables (Forrest Gump) Hillary: Who? Weekly (Who's There: Suge J. Knight & Andy King?) Ann: Wolf 359 (Episode 2: Little Revolución)

#389 (Recap): A Room With a View (and Not Much Else)

It was a busy week on TBTL, with Luke jetting around the country to interact with celebrities, fret about his appearance, and inexplicably remain in a hotel room that fails to meet any reasonable standard for habitability. The LRBWitches are gathered to talk about all of this, as well as the challenges of life in New York City, the potential atrophy of our driving skills, and the sad reality of terrible ID photos. Meredith’s taken a giant step towards full cat lady status. Hillary’s stalking teenagers on Instagram (as you do). Ann investigates The Mystery of the Wrinkled Shirt. Here's the show we did with the wonderful Felicia Powell. Give your loved ones a hug, guys.

#388 (recap): The GPS says It’s Fine

Bobby, Mike, Ann and Hillary are recording on St. Patrick’s Day morning, and for some reason, Hillary has already set up shop in a bathroom. (Don’t worry, it apparently has room service.) And as if that wasn’t enough radio gold, her recent sexual harassment training has inspired a show-stopping new romance novel. Plus, we cover Mike’s (aka DJ Postmaster General’s) plan to save the United States Postal Service, Bobby’s Dallas Salad and throwin’ bologna, and progress in our ongoing efforts to corrupt Ann. Oh, and we talk about TBTL. Even the serious bits.  

#387 (Clip Show): We All Need to Find Our Dinkytowns

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” We should all take a little more time to appreciate the wonder that is the United States Postal Service, so Ann and Christy are using this month’s clip show to examine the special place the Post Office occupies in the history of TBTL. Jen teaches us about the subtle language of stamps. Luke complains about the long lines, but doesn’t know how to work the system. Andrew has a weird mail-related fear. Multiple plans to turn the fortunes of the USPS around are proposed. Plus, the secondary stamp market, the wonders of General Delivery, our confusion re: current stamp prices, and why don’t you just send Grandma a note once in a while, for God’s sake!

#386 (Recap): The Gigatarian’s Dilemma

This week, Luke went to the pizza convention, Andrew went all around Seattle, and Phyllis Fletcher made a triumphant return to TBTL. After hearing about naked hot tubs, the last Busterblocker, and how Luke “had” to eat meat, we hash through the interesting topics and ask some questions. Is Mt. Constitution really much of a mountain? Why do we assume that body-confident naked guys must be old? Which one of us is willing to sacrifice their body to test driverless cars? As far as our own business goes, we’re working through some exciting new concepts for podcasts that we plan to offer to Jewel Case Media as soon as we’ve gotten caught up on our Nineties movie franchises. Mike shares tells some stories about the soap opera that is prison sports. Meredith once got into trouble for NOT taking her clothes off in public. Ann identifies a surprising parallel between TBTL and Jeopardy. Plus, movie rentals for cults, life goals for fish, and the moral objection to cheese.

#385 (Recap): The Year of Realizing Stuff

As our national sage, Kylie Jenner, once said, “I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of just realizing stuff."  And thus begins a new era of Luke, and possibly LRB? We’re switching up our format a bit, and Luke is realizing that maybe, sometimes? he can be kind-of a jerk. Join the ladies of LRB as they also realize that 1) we can’t go out as late as we once did, 2) houses cost a lot all of the time, 3) celebrities are no better than us, and 4) sometimes we have to bump it up to 2x. We hope you enjoyed the LRB change-up. Let us know what you think!  We promise we will NOT police your tone. #foreplay #politecar

#384 (Friday): A Tale of Two Vincents

Buckle up, friends - this is a wild one. On this Final Friday show we attempt to go through the mailbag and then dig into the latest batch of your Amazon purchases, but are quickly derailed by multiple instances of hosts leaving the recording session, a pear confession, a Rorschach fax, a North Carolina grandmother with ALL the answers, and far too much discussion about Canadian bands. There are sub sandwiches, new nicknames, pronunciation questions, and a surprising detour into the unique challenge of being Joey Fatone. Christy and Hillary take Bobby to task over a careless comment. Ann’s concerned about pheromone cologne. Mike is definitely keeping up with the conversation. Vincent Gardenia! P.S. We’re still waiting on our invitations to that basketball party.

#383 (recap): The One Where They Don’t Know the Reference

After a week of deep conversations with special guests on TBTL, Mike, Meredith and Bobby are ready to talk about free two-day anvil delivery, potential HVAC litigation, the music of Stackwell, and a shocking revelation about scones. Plus, we completely blow it on a Friends reference from a listener. But maybe instead of laughing at us, you’ll spill your ‘90s TV milk with us? That’s what Jen would want you to do.

#382 (recap): A podcast about a podcast hosted by a not famous Joe Rogan

Bobby has returned from Orlando, Meredith has a new house, Ann has a new nickname, and Mike’s studio has a new smell. Plus, a special New Orleans audio postcard from birthday girl Hillary, and a recap of last week’s TBTL. So climb aboard the Little Red Bandwagon, and be sure to sit with the other Grifflepuffers (or else you’ll get a conduct report). Maybe after the show we can go to CiCis. If after 2:08 of LRB you still need more audio in in your earholes, go check out The Dropout.

#381 (Recap): Just Take Your Jeep Compass and Go

The streets are icy, the grocery store shelves are bare, and city life has ground to a halt, but at least you have this extra-long helping of LRB to keep you company! Mike, Hillary, and Ann settle in to make some sense of Luke’s pickup basketball skirmishes, agree that reserving rental cars willy nilly qualifies as a classic instance of Entitled Etiquette, ponder the difficulties of maintaining friendships, and express our parking lot rage fantasies. Hillary has solved the mystery of JFK’s assassination, although she’s OUTRAGED that you would think she’s drunk. Ann creates a hierarchy of subjects she doesn’t want to hear about in between episodes of trying really hard not to be eye-rolly about the Seattle Snowpocalypse. Mike’s trip to Vegas included less-than-optimal guardrails, a ride in a haunted elevator, and the horrors of magnified bathroom mirrors. Also, we talk about dongs for waaaaaaay too long, and I’d like to apologize to Beckys everywhere.

#380 (Clip Show): Hitting the Open Road

Hey, Wagoneers! Select your CDs, grab some road candy, and put a harness on the cat, because we’re going on a road trip. TBTL has a long history of car (and camper) travel, sometimes while recording. Ann and Christy are talking about some of the ins and outs of TBTL road trip experiences, including a comparison of the different road rules employed by Jen and Luke, Andrew’s idea of what would be the least stressful method of cat transportation, and the terror inspired by Luke’s simultaneous driving and recording shenanigans. Plus, we discuss the inconvenience of regional liquor laws, the problems with camping for women, and whether or not there will be Netflix on the moon. And what IS the acceptable lower limit for a nightly room rental?

#379 (recap): Goalless and fancy free

Neither cold nor work nor Dr. Octagon can keep Bobby, Hillary and Ann from curating (just kidding) a recap of the latest week of TBTL. In addition to our usual sizzling hot TBTL takes, Left-handed Bobby is hoping for official early admission to Grumpy Old Men™ Inc., Hillary has some big news (that’s your cue, Andrea) and Ann’s mid-illness notes this week include dazzling details like “I tuned out for a while,” “Something about Hitler” and “Hog dog song lady.” Also: Listen to the podcast Keep It, feel free to use “It’s Fine™” (but know we might bill you back), and—if you must eat 50 eggs—considered ordering some deviled.

#378 (Recap): One Raisin After Sundown

Well friends, another week of TBTL is on the books, and Hillary, Ann, and Mike are dialing up to get crammed with meditation and break it all down. After a few more inside jokes and a discussion of the finer points of It’s Fine™, we circle back for some raisin TYPs and decide we’re not here to make friends. We’re in total agreement that Luke and Andrew’s embarrassing passive-aggressive behavior is going to lead to one of them getting punched in the head, and that we should study it out regarding the effects of marijuana, but we differ on whether you should treat yo self to some water in the toilet. Hillary’s been folding Star Wars underwear for a thousand years. Mike’s grandfather died in the Storage Wars. And Ann has a connection to a very big Eighties tv star. Plus, Malcolm Gladwell Superiority Complex, why Chris Hayes never skips his A block, and a very slow hoochie cooch from trees.

#377 (Final Friday): “We’re not as funny as we think we are”

On this Final Friday edition of the show, Bobby, Christy, Mike and Ann don’t let a near complete lack of preparation stand in the way of combing through two months of listener emails, and exploring the history of some of LRB’s greatest* inside jokes. (Hat tip to listener Kristen for the segment idea!) Plus, Ann has a big announcement, Mike owes someone a Cheese Party, Christy is still on the hunt for NECCO hearts, and Bobby is ready to bring insult comedy to the funeral circuit. Other hot topics include boogers, Moira Kelly, underweighted props, the worst of reality TV, and eggs-in-grocery-bag placement. Enjoy! *not necessarily in quality or hilarity

#376 (recap): Our Bodies are a Wonderland

Hey Man, it’s a new recap episode of Little Red Bandwagon! Ann, Bobby, and Hillary are here to guide you through Luke’s vacillating feelings toward Marie Kondo, the dramatic canceling of Ron & Don, Andrew’s (and Hillary’s) love of TV Guide’s Cheers & Jeers, the complicated Waffle House dialect, and much much more. Meanwhile y’all, Hillary’s dealing with a Frankenstein (you mean Frankenstein’s monster?) child, Ann is grappling with the intense cold, and Bobby is living it up with the New York City Tens. Finally – what the hell was Andrew’s hilarious dream joke? Phyllis??!?!

#375 (Recap): A Liberal’s Anxiety Dream

Welcome to another Boot the Boys episode, where Meredith, Hillary, and Ann are ready to offer their hot takes on Luke and Andrew’s hot takes on everything from the nutrition level of various vegetables to the appropriateness of playing the Humpty Dance during Grandparents’ Hour at a wedding. We’re fond of our TBTL friendos, but it’s difficult not to roll our eyes (so, so difficult) as they advocate for being “laughingly aloof” to defuse conflict, obsess YET AGAIN over the tone other people use when interacting with them, and apparently believe in grocery store fairies. In other news, Meredith is becoming a real estate mogul, Hillary’s ashamed of her Hazelnut Coffee-mate addiction, and Ann has a defiant message for Netflix.

#374 (Clip Show): “Hate? That’s a pretty grody word!”

On this month’s clip show, Ann, Christy, and “try-hard theater kid” Hillary have brought their tap shoes and jazz hands to talk about the long-standing and somewhat problematic relationship TBTL has with musical theater. We’re pissed off at 2008 Luke’s attitude, but proud of how far he’s come since then. Jen’s star turns at Jesus Creek were continually thwarted by the shortcomings of Eric Trout. We listen to Susie and Luke have a sweet, sentimental conversation about Shirley Temple. And the Stu-bot wants to be in the band. Find out which show Christy loved so much that she carried a token of it for years, what unusual strategy Hillary’s World History teacher employed to contain her enthusiasm, and where to find online footage of the first musical Ann ever starred in (kidding - there is ZERO chance I’m giving up that info). Also on tap for discussion: the Christian kids’ theater industry, real talk about the difficulty of bringing diversity to Broadway, and how we make the argument to haters that musicals aren’t just dumb. Plus, Hamilton spoilers, how to best watch Moulin Rouge, the obvious reason straight guys should love musicals, and safety issues when dancing with bowling balls.

#373 (Recap): Respect the Donut

It’s the second week of TBTL’s pre-taped holiday shows, but Bobby, Meredith, Mike, and Ann still have plenty to say regarding man movies, Ray Liotta’s beautiful eyes, how peeing outside is fine™, and the sartorial advantages of peacoats. More serious discussions include how we deal with poor tippers (those West Michigan Dutch, amirite?), our frustration with Luke’s ceaseless diet talk, and the transcendence of Texas gas station food. In host news, Bobby’s been Twitter sleuthing (again), Mike still hates ‘My Favorite Things,’ Meredith’s dealing with the consequences of Bear’s bathroom explorations, and Ann has finally lost her ever-lovin’ mind.